General Information :

Name of the institutions

Mahila B.ED College

Nearest Railway Station with distance

A.N Road – 22 KMS

Nearest Town with distance in KMS

Aurangabad – 16 KMS

Name of the programme

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

No of Units/intake proposed

Two unit of 100 students of a running programme B.Ed and Two units of 100 students of applied programme D.El.Ed.

Academic Year


Name of the affiliating / examing body

 S.N.D.T. Women's University, Mumbai.

Type of institution (Boys/ Girls/Co-ed)


No objection certificate (NOC)                 


Management :


Managed by a Trust (Registered under societies
Registered  Act 21, 1860)Regt. No. 2370 of 29/02/2012

Infrastructural :
Land Details

Total Area.
total pinth area /Built up Area.
completion  certificate from the                          Authority

land is available on sale deed

4000 SQ.Mtr.

 3000r SQ.Mt.
Mukhiya &District.Enggr. (Letter No.16 dated:24.02.2016)

Useable area of the building (s) in sq.ft.

40,000 sq.meter

Specific Rooms Details

        Rooms                 Number                        Area
                                    Of Rooms                   

     Class Rooms           06                 80 Sq. Mtr. per

     Activity Room        03               65 Sq. Mtr. per 

     Principal Room       01                  64 Sq. Mtr.

     Faculty Room           02                70 Sq. Mtr. per

     Library                    01                 90 Sq. Mtr.   

     Learning Resource   01               54 Sq. Mtr.

     Office Room            01                 42 Sq. Mtr.

     Store Room              01                42 Sq. Mtr.


Instructional Facilities :


 Multipurpose science laboratory is available well equipped with electronic equipments

laboratory equipments, Computer hard ware and software

 List of teaching aids enclosed
 14 sets of computer , 3 printer , 2 set of sound box
 Windows-110 along with Ms Word ,
 Ms excel softwares are available.

Books, magazine ,  Journals, audio –visual aids, teaching aids and Play materials

 Total numbers of 4000 books,80number of
 magazines 70 numbers of journals are availabl,
 1video cameram 1 still camera, 1 stero system, 5
 sets of computer with internet facility.   

Financial Details :

source of finance and funds    

Required fund’s provided by the socity
And tuition fees from the students

Endowment  and reserve funds

Endowment fund fo Rs 5.00 lacs are available.(Receipt No 304808,Allahabad Bank
Singhpur, date: 20/02/2007)
Reserve fund of R.s .3.00 lacs
No. (0210900 dated : 13.03.09)

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